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Richard Deutsch –Director/Senior Physiotherapist

I knew from when I was a Physiotherapy student that I wanted to work in neurology. I loved the idea that if you can influence the brain, you can influence anything. I try to incorporate this theory into practice using my understanding of anatomy and physiology of the brain to develop unique treatment strategies to achieve client’s goals.

I have now worked as a physio for over 15 years in both public and private sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. I have worked in multiple settings including an acute trauma ward, Stroke units, movement disorder clients and rehabilitation in hospital and the community. In the private sector I have worked closely with traumatic injuries, progressive and congenital conditions which gives me a broad skill set to deal with almost any issue that arises.

I love barbecue and posh coffee as well as being by the beach or bush walking with my family who are the centre of my world. Other things I enjoy doing in my free time are participating in art classes and catching up with friends.

Jennifer Lloyd – Senior Physiotherapist

I have a vast range of experience within my physiotherapy career, with a major focus on community neurological rehabilitation. This is where I found my passion for Physiotherapy, as I believe there is no better feeling then helping someone achieve their goals; especially life-changing goals like independently getting out of a chair, learning to walk again or go surfing.
I enjoy treating all ages from children up to the elderly, and helping with any condition from brain injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries, stroke, autism, and everything in-between,

Outside of work, you will find me with my family; my husband, two little sons and two sausage dogs. I love going for a walk at the beach, swimming in the pool or creating something messy with the boys.

Jessica Hetherington -Senior Physiotherapist

My professional career includes extensive 10 years clinical experience as a neurological physiotherapist. I am very passionate about neurological physiotherapy, and my overall goal is to make a positive difference to somebody’s life each day.I also have had extensive experience in vestibular clinics in the UK, and clinical skills in pediatric neurological populations.

I describe myself as a therapist who has developed interventions with the base focus on hands-on practice. I also see myself as a very good listener, communicator and somebody who loves a laugh. I have recently completed by dynamic movement intervention course which I hope to further develop my therapy skills. Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) is a therapeutic technique used to treat children with motor delay by improving automatic postural responses and promoting progress towards developmental milestones.

Over the last year I have been fortunate to assist with community events including the specialised triathlon events and the island charity swim. In my spare time I love to go for a run along the beach, have a dance around the house or spend time with my friends and family.

Caitlin Hill – Physiotherapist

I have loved being a physio since graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2010 and working at a large multidisciplinary clinic and my brother’s footy (AFL!) team. I have always loved studying, so I also completed a Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Latrobe University in 2015, as well as becoming a hydrotherapy, pilates, and yoga instructor.

After moving to Rockhampton for some warmer weather, I was lucky enough to gain some experience as an academic at CQUniversity, teaching into the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences and Bachelor of Physiotherapy courses. I loved working with the students, so I signed up for a PhD and as a clinical educator at our student-led clinic, as well as some work in the neuro rehab ward at Rockhampton Hospital.

After I finished my PhD I relocated to the Sunshine Coast with my husband and dog, Frozen, not long before welcoming a new bub! I am (finally) finding my way around the Coast and love going to the beach, exploring new parks, and working hard at the gym.

I am excited to be expanding my neuro knowledge with the lovely team at CNRS, and look forward to working with clients who enjoy a challenge. My varied work background and love of learning have given me lots of creative problem-solving skills – if you have a goal, we will find a way!

Lucy Vandermeer – Physiotherapist

I have been a Physiotherapist for over 6 years and worked across a broad range of clinical areas including acute hospital wards, hospital rehabilitation, aged care and private practice. I have always been fascinated by new developments in Neuro Rehab, and how physiotherapy can really make a difference to people living with neurological conditions and neuro-degenerative disease. I am focused on helping people improve their participation in meaningful activities and providing them with evidence-based physiotherapy interventions in order to achieve their personal goals and live better lives.

My family and I recently travelled over from Western Australia, where I studied my Bachelor Degree at the University of Notre Dame Australia. My Husband, and our two young sons love the outdoors, so we spent 4 months exploring the Northern beaches and National parks of WA, NT and parts of QLD, before settling on the Sunshine Coast. Here we look forward to spending more time with our extended family, making new roots and enjoying the beautiful coastline and hinterland

Anna Theron – Occupational Therapist

From a young age I always found myself drawn to both the wonders of the human body as well as art and creativity. This was a perfect pair for Occupational Therapy. Being an Occupational Therapist enables me to work in a collaborative and client-centred approach to best support and empower others to engage in everyday life and meaningful occupations.

I completed my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Griffith University on the Gold Coast where I was given the amazing opportunity to gain experience working in paediatrics, vocational rehabilitation, and mental health. These opportunities alongside my post university experience have enabled me to gain insight into the type of OT I want to be. A person who can make meaningful changes in clients and their support networks lives.

I recently made the move up to the Sunny Coast from Northern NSW and enjoy spending time outdoors in the sunshine and catching up with family and friends.

Sarah Barr – Occupational Therapist

I believe everyone has the right to full participation in a meaningful life and strive to support and empower others to achieve their valued goals. My experience ranges from people of all ages with a variety of needs to deliver therapeutic interventions that are goal-oriented, purposeful, and stimulating. I am passionate about working with people living with neurological disorders including Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Stroke, Motor Neurone Disease, and Acquired Brain Injury.

I am a qualified Pilates and yoga facilitator and enjoy integrating these skills into my work as an occupational therapist. Working collaboratively with clients and their support networks is integral to my role as I value and acknowledge their contributions as a key factor to their therapeutic journey.

I grew up in the Clare Valley (South Australia) and completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the University of South Australia. I made the move to the Sunshine Coast in July 2022. I love the beaches and lifestyle and am currently learning how to surf!

Lauren Turner– Senior Exercise Physiologist

My passion for working within Allied Health started with a love of dance and expressive human movement. It was this energy and dedication that led me to pursue a career as an Exercise Physiologist.

Since graduating in 2016, I have strived to make positive impacts on the quality of life of those affected by neurological conditions and disabilities, and with the same enthusiasm focused my career on developing the skills and knowledge of a Neurological Exercise Physiologist. Over this time, I have gained extensive experience with neurological rehabilitation practices and clinical skills in the management of movement disorders such as Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease and Acquired Brain Injuries.

As a therapist, I view collaboration with other allied health professionals as essential to the provision of client centred care and the optimisation of both clinical and community based objectives. I firmly believe in supporting and motivating those wishing to achieve personal goals of community participation and enjoy investing my time promoting and assisting community engagement. This has seen my involvement in community events such as the Island Charity Swim and has delivered a sense of satisfaction that continues to bring joy to my career and what I do.

In my spare time I like spending time with my friends, exploring new places and taking time for myself, attending Pilates and Yoga classes.

Nicole Cwiertia –Exercise Physiologist

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work in a helping profession. Exercise physiology was the degree and field I fell into. I am now seven years into practicing as an EP and the profession is perfect for me. I am extremely passionate about providing an exceptional service to help others achieve their goals and have found exercise to be a useful tool for empowering individuals on their recovery journey. My most recent role exposed me to primarily chronic pain populations, which developed my passion for understanding the biopsychosocial impact of illness and how these factors can and do impact recovery. I am excited to channel this understanding into the neurology realm and work with the CNRS team.

I studied locally on the Sunshine Coast, but my roots are in Melbourne. After travelling around country towns in NSW for my first two roles I decided to resettle and build a life on the Coast.

Damien Kerley – Exercise Physiologist

Damien is a Sunshine Coast local. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia and abroad wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. He loves the beach, which is where he spends a great deal of time either surfing or running with his dog Rolly.

Damien graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology where he received a medal for academic excellence. Since graduating he has worked in a private clinic helping a diverse client load reach their goals and will work alongside you to help you realise your goals. He has a passion for being across the latest research and training methods to better assist individuals with a range neurological conditions to maximise their function through active movement.

He can assist at home, in a gym, in the pool or in the great outdoors depending on what works for your need and schedule, and he looks forward to meeting you soon.

Tiffany Deutsch – Allied Health Assistant

My name is Tiffany and I am a Registered Nurse by trade with over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of roles. These included public, private and community which also gave me the privilege of working in rehab for many years as well.

I have taken an opportunity to move into a new role as an Allied Health Assistant to develop new skills and provide the best possible care to each and every client.

Brendan Mack – Allied Health Assistant

While working as a NDIS support coordinator and support worker during the last 4 years, I discovered how significantly a physiotherapist can improve a person’s ability to achieve their full potential and enrich their day-to-day life. I decided to combine my passion for fitness and helping others by pursuing a career in physiotherapy. I am currently studying physiotherapy at the University of Queensland.

I have experience working as an allied health assistant to both physiotherapists and social workers, particularly supporting those living with neurological conditions.

When not working or studying I enjoy playing guitar in a band or practicing Olympic weightlifting. I love to get outdoors and can be found camping, hiking or on the beach during the holidays.

Jordan Dodd– Allied Health Assistant

My journey started as a support worker in 2021 where I was heavily involved in supporting clients with neurological conditions. During this time, I was also studying Sport Science and Nutrition at the University of the Sunshine Coast. In 2022 I completed my degree (Bachelor of Sport Studies, majoring in Sport and Exercise Nutrition). Since then, I have been fortunate enough to merge my experience and passion in this field by providing training and nutritional support to clients in a clinical setting. I also have a keen interest in youth performance and development and have worked with youth heavily involved in kart racing, basketball, and football. I love working closely with clients and tailoring programs to maximise performance.

I recently joined the team at Community Neuro Rehab service as an Allied Health Assistant and have thoroughly enjoyed working with the allied team to provide quality care and support to our clients. I’m looking forward to expanding my skill set and knowledge within the neurological field.

In my spare time I love being in the outdoors, at the gym, by the beach and spending time with friends and family.

Rohan Lloyd – Practice Manager

I have a background in mining as an electrician working away from home for extended periods over the past for 10 years. When the opportunity arose to be closer to my family and create this family practice I couldn’t resist. I have always had an interest in the healthcare industry and I regularly attend the gym so it felt like an easy move.

I am now the practice manager for CNRS looking after the operational and running of the company so that our therapist can dedicate their time and focus on their clients.

Living on the Sunshine Coast for over 5 years now, it’s the place I love to call home. My hobbies include finding new hobbies, fishing, playing sport and adventures with my family.

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