Jessica Hetherington

Senior Physiotherapist
Jessica Hetherington - Senior Physiotherapist

My professional career includes extensive 10 years clinical experience as a neurological physiotherapist. I am very passionate about neurological physiotherapy, and my overall goal is to make a positive difference to somebody’s life each day.I also have had extensive experience in vestibular clinics in the UK, and clinical skills in pediatric neurological populations.

I describe myself as a therapist who has developed interventions with the base focus on hands-on practice. I also see myself as a very good listener, communicator and somebody who loves a laugh. I have recently completed by dynamic movement intervention course which I hope to further develop my therapy skills. Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) is a therapeutic technique used to treat children with motor delay by improving automatic postural responses and promoting progress towards developmental milestones.

Over the last year I have been fortunate to assist with community events including the specialised triathlon events and the island charity swim. In my spare time I love to go for a run along the beach, have a dance around the house or spend time with my friends and family.