Richard Deutsch

Director/Senior Physiotherapist
Richard Deutsch - Director/Senior Physiotherapist

I knew from when I was a Physiotherapy student that I wanted to work in neurology. I loved the idea that if you can influence the brain, you can influence anything. I try to incorporate this theory into practice using my understanding of anatomy and physiology of the brain to develop unique treatment strategies to achieve client’s goals.

I have now worked as a physio for over 15 years in both public and private sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. I have worked in multiple settings including an acute trauma ward, Stroke units, movement disorder clients and rehabilitation in hospital and the community. In the private sector I have worked closely with traumatic injuries, progressive and congenital conditions which gives me a broad skill set to deal with almost any issue that arises.

I love barbecue and posh coffee as well as being by the beach or bush walking with my family who are the centre of my world. Other things I enjoy doing in my free time are participating in art classes and catching up with friends.