Nicole Cwiertia

Exercise Physiologist
Nicole Cwiertia –Exercise Physiologist

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work in a helping profession. Exercise physiology was the degree and field I fell into. I am now seven years into practicing as an EP and the profession is perfect for me. I am extremely passionate about providing an exceptional service to help others achieve their goals and have found exercise to be a useful tool for empowering individuals on their recovery journey. My most recent role exposed me to primarily chronic pain populations, which developed my passion for understanding the biopsychosocial impact of illness and how these factors can and do impact recovery. I am excited to channel this understanding into the neurology realm and work with the CNRS team.

I studied locally on the Sunshine Coast, but my roots are in Melbourne. After travelling around country towns in NSW for my first two roles I decided to resettle and build a life on the Coast.