We recognise that quality is something that needs to be proven - we want you to know that you will always be at the centre of the care we provide you.

Expert Neuro Physiotherapy for Optimal Mobility and Function

At Community NeuroRehab Service, our highly skilled physiotherapists help you reach goals that matter to you. We focus on supporting people with neurological conditions, disability and mental health conditions across the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Tin Can Bay.

Our experienced physios can see you in our state-of-the-art Buderim clinic, at your home, or somewhere else that suits you – such as your favourite park or beach.

We’re committed to providing the highest standards of physiotherapy care with compassion and sensitivity.

What can Neuro Physiotherapy do for me?

Neurological Physiotherapists have extensive training in movement and function and the conditions that affect them.

Whether you’d like to stay living at home, walk on Mooloolaba Beach or climb Mount Coolum, our Sunshine Coast physios will do all we can to support you.

Exercise Physiology Sunshine Coast

Our experienced neurological physiotherapy team can help you:

  • manage symptoms of neurological conditions, such as fatigue and dizziness
  • get around safely in your home and community
  • participate in activities that are important to you
  • stay steady on your feet and lower your falls risk
  • manage spasticity and contractures
  • understand and live better with your condition
  • manage chronic pain
  • reach your full potential
  • move more freely.

How our Neuro Physiotherapists help you

Our neuro physiotherapists spend time getting to know you, your circumstances and the supports you have available. We’ll work with you to clarify your goals. Then we’ll use evidence-based strategies to help you reach them.

Vestibular and Balance training
GYM Programs
Community Engagement
Paediatric and adolescent rehabilitation
Hydrotherapy Programs
TENS/EMG Electrical Stimulation Training
Assistive Technology
Pain Management
Proprioceptive Feedback

How our Sunshine Coast Neuro Physiotherapists help you

Our neurological physiotherapists take the time to get to know you, your support networks, your preferences and your situation. We’ll create a plan to help you reach your goals, using the latest evidence-based techniques and equipment.

Neurological Physiotherapy for people with neurological conditions might include:

  • Functional task practice
  • Gait and mobility training
  • Exercises to build your strength
  • Coordination and balance training
  • Education about your condition
  • Posture correction
  • Pain management techniques
  • Training your support people
  • Prescription of assistive technologies
  • Vestibular and dizziness rehabilitation
  • Proprioceptive, visual and spatial awareness
  • Dual tasking
  • Planning, education and discussion with you and your team
  • Hydrotherapy

Conditions our Sunshine Coast Neuro Physios can help with

At CNRS our clinicians are constantly updating their practice and knowledge to ensure we have more than qualified staff to help you on your rehabilitation journey. We train and educate ourselves in all aspects of the human body.

Our caring, expert physios see people who have:

Parkinson’s disease
Cerebral palsy
Spinal cord injuries
Peripheral neuropathy
Down syndrome
Brain injuries
Autism spectrum disorder
Balance problems
Mental health conditions
Alzheimer’s disease/dementia
Other neurological and developmental conditions
Functional neurological disorder (FND)
Dizziness and vestibular conditions
Multiple sclerosis (MS)
Physical and intellectual disability
Huntington’s disease (HD)
Motor neuron disease (MND)

What is Neuro Physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy is all about supporting people to move better, stay independent, and have the best possible quality of life. Physiotherapists are allied health professionals with university qualifications in body structure, function and things that affect them. They use their knowledge and skills to help people manage physical issues related to injury, illness, disability and ageing.

In Australia, physiotherapists must be registered with Ahpra. This means they must meet strict standards for ethical behaviour and continuing professional development.

Some physiotherapists focus on a specific area of practice. At Community NeuroRehab Service, we focus on neurological physiotherapy. We only see people with conditions that affect the brain and nervous system, which helps us provide the most up-to-date and effective treatment.

Your Neuro Physiotherapy journey with us

At CNRS, we don’t just ‘treat’ clients, we immerse ourselves in your world. We’ll work with you and your friends, family and supports to help you achieve your goals and vision for life. Our aim is your aim – wherever that may take us.

Just as we become part of your community, we want you to feel a part of the CNRS community. Here’s what neurological physiotherapy with CNRS will look like.

Getting to know each other

During your first visit with your Sunshine Coast physio, they’ll take the time to get to know you. They will ask you about your health, movement concerns and goals. They will do some assessments to see how you’re functioning. Your family and support people are welcome to be part of each visit.

Building a roadmap for success

We’ll work with you to create a tailored plan for achieving your goals. This might involve weekly, fortnightly or monthly therapy sessions, ramped up or down as needed. You can do therapy at the clinic, pool, gym, beach or home – wherever works best for you. We’ll be right alongside you as you tackle your goals.

Your goal is our purpose

Our Neuro physios will do everything they can to help you do the things you dream about.

Want to get back on your boat or onto the beach? Or to get on and off the floor to play with your grandkids?

From kayaking and camping to rolling easier in bed; you name it, we’ll work on it.