Anna Theron

Occupational Therapist
Anna Theron – Occupational Therapist

From a young age I always found myself drawn to both the wonders of the human body as well as art and creativity. This was a perfect pair for Occupational Therapy. Being an Occupational Therapist enables me to work in a collaborative and client-centred approach to best support and empower others to engage in everyday life and meaningful occupations.

I completed my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Griffith University on the Gold Coast where I was given the amazing opportunity to gain experience working in paediatrics, vocational rehabilitation, and mental health. These opportunities alongside my post university experience have enabled me to gain insight into the type of OT I want to be. A person who can make meaningful changes in clients and their support networks lives.

I recently made the move up to the Sunny Coast from Northern NSW and enjoy spending time outdoors in the sunshine and catching up with family and friends.