Lucy Vandermeer

Lucy Vandermeer Physiotherapist

I have been a Physiotherapist for over 6 years and worked across a broad range of clinical areas including acute hospital wards, hospital rehabilitation, aged care and private practice. I have always been fascinated by new developments in Neuro Rehab, and how physiotherapy can really make a difference to people living with neurological conditions and neuro-degenerative disease. I am focused on helping people improve their participation in meaningful activities and providing them with evidence-based physiotherapy interventions in order to achieve their personal goals and live better lives.

My family and I recently travelled over from Western Australia, where I studied my Bachelor Degree at the University of Notre Dame Australia. My Husband, and our two young sons love the outdoors, so we spent 4 months exploring the Northern beaches and National parks of WA, NT and parts of QLD, before settling on the Sunshine Coast. Here we look forward to spending more time with our extended family, making new roots and enjoying the beautiful coastline and hinterland.